What is Men Finding Peace?

More than a support group, more than a church meeting, Men Finding Peace is a group for men who share common goals and needs. It is a place where men can learn from other men what it means to experience SSA and simultaneously live a covenant life of faith. It’s a place where learning how others have found strength and resolve is explored with like men who share this common bond in brotherhood. It’s a forum for healthy dialogue around what men are doing to live within the bounds the Lord has set, and thrive in a Gospel centered life. This is a place where God’s grace and power in our lives is openly discussed, without apprehension or apology, and without the intent to change or convert others. It’s a place where the opinions and experiences of others represent opportunities to learn and grow and where respect for our fellow man is considered sacred. This is an open group, where any man is invited to attend whenever his schedule permits, without a time commitment in a likely alrea